Monday, October 12, 2015

art journal pockets of inspiration

i have been meaning to start a new quote journal but i think i have morphed the idea into something else! instead of a new book to work in, why not art journal pockets! this gives me a really good way to incorporate my want to do this with a new project i am taking on which is being a part of tangie baxter's creative crew!

i used have a cork board that was COVERED positive quotes that i had collected. even friends started writing positive quotes down for me when they found them and knew i would like them, many written on post-its or other colorful paper. the majority of them were somewhat damaged when i had to take them down off my desk when i left work. I still have them and wanted to transfer or re-write them into a new journal, but i think pockets would be a much better idea!

i'll be working on that and the october challenges challenge 02-two part animal and challenge 3-a world of octobers this week, I's so very excitied!

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