Tuesday, October 6, 2015

monday playtime

i haven't had a lot of time for art lately, but last night i got time to sit down and spend a few hours playing. it was delicious. literally, i had more coffee than i should have had.

i honestly feel a little stuck on some of my spreads with sketches on them lately. i haven't felt like coloring in faces, i've been choosing to play in paint and layers of backgrounds. they'll get done eventually.

so, last night i took a page that i had used to get my posca markers going. these markers are ah-mazing! i was looking for something to work mostly on top layers of art journal spreads but i have found that they are very helpful to me as i build layers in my backgrounds.

then i took some new red and blue craft acrylics and some sequin mesh. 

here, i took some white acrylics and pushed it around on the page. still no brayer so i am using an old credit card. then i put down a layer of watercolor crayons.

using my black posca i drew circles. i really enjoyed the free doodling here. it's not extravegent drawing but it was all about what i was doing right then.

next... tissue paper! 

a little mod podge and tissue paper is always a happy combination. 

on top of that, a smidge of metallic purple craft acrylics.

this is really only one of the many pages i worked on, i just picked the one i worked on most, i guess. i'll likely share the others as i work on them. i fully intend on filling this journal to the brim with arty goodness.

so, as i mentioned, i am feeling a little stuck on my spreads with faces on them. i expect that will be resolved shortly as i've signed up for tamara laporte's lifebook 2016! and with it i got not one but two of her online workshops! i've chosen fabulous faces and ultimate world of whimsy! i'm so very excited to get started!

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