Wednesday, September 23, 2015


is it wednesday again? so soon?
where is the time going in such a hurry?

either way, i love wednesdays, it's time to nose around the desks of some of my favorite bloggers and see what they are up to! you can follow along by visiting the awesome julia dunnit's blog stamping ground.

i haven't really posted anything since saturday but i have been busy sketching faces in my art journal. i'm trying to retrain myself to draw faces and i'm starting to work on adding emotion to faces, slowly. 

i am loving it. there is nothing more cathartic than drawing a face to me.

so, for starters i've shared a better picture of my corner of the den.
i don't have the windows open fully but the morning is my favorite time to be out here as the light is the best!
the airplane you see in the upper right hand corner is not mine. my love builds them, puts electronics in them and flies them. he recently ordered an airbrush machine and both of us are so excited to see it come in. i'm looking forward to learning how to air brush a multitude of things from kids faces to those planes!

anyway, back to my corner and what is on my desk at the moment.
about to start shading faces.

a closer look at my favorite girl from over the weekend. inspired by tamara laporte and her fabulous faces class. i took a shot at this girl when i first started drawing and it was honestly pretty hideous. my inner critic has issues with this one too but she is leaps and bounds better than when i started, of course. i'll see if i can dig out the journal it is in for a throwback thursday post tomorrow and you can giggle with me.
i can't wait to start shading this one.

a couple whimsy girls from over the weekend. i actually started this one last week but didn't get to finish it until this weekend. much of saturday and sunday was spent on the couch watching football with my love and my art journal.
i'm experimenting with some different shapes in my whimsies.
this is another one i can't wait to start work on, it's not much at the moment but i have a lovely spread envisioned for her.
the ideas i have for this spread is heavily inspired by tamara laporte and a recent piece of hers called sister smoke.

this one was meant to be a whimsy but she has evolved into a round faced angel thanks to my 4 year old. i was sketching her last night and my daughter asked if she was an angel. i added a halo and rough wings and  said yes, she's an angel. i love when that happens!
i simply can not wait to use some mixed media techniques on the wings especially because i haven't been able to draw wings as of yet.

and lastly, another sketch inspired by tamara laporte and another recent work. i'm really looking forward to some of the classes on my wish list for the fall. learning solid background layering techniques can only help me out at this point.
i'm really having some issues with the positioning of the nose and mouth on the 3/4 face. i'll get it, though, if i have to resort to looking up videos or seeking out my old notes.

so, there you have it. that's what is on my desk today. what's on yours?

current favorite song to bounce around the studio to, macklemore's "downtown".


  1. Love your sketches! They're very pretty. The 3/4 face is always tough, I know exactly what you mean! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #37

  2. They are all fab. They will look gorgeous when completed . soojay 16

  3. Gorgeous sketches, look forward to seeing what you do next. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 36

  4. Great sketches! Faces are difficult to draw, aren't they?
    RosA # 10